Besides being the Big Island Shop Hop Coordinator for over 7 years, I was published in Fons and Porter Love of Quilting in October of 2008, featuring my unfinished quilt "River through the old iron gate."  I have also been honored by being the "State Coordinator" for the Row by Row Experience**, a nationwide shop hop for three years.

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I created Designs by Mary of Hawaii, several years ago in response to requests for unique Hawaiian type machine applique designs with turtles (Honu) and unique shell-backs. I produced several small patterns that the quilter could take home as a memory of their trip to Hawai'i. I continue to produce my turtle (Honu ~ the Hawaiian name) designs so that they are "uniquely tropical, with a Hawaiian flair". Some tribal designs and petroglyphs have been included. I also design unique applique patterns from photographs; such as the Surfing Duo, and a series of Modern Prairie Designs with the look of Frank Lloyd Wright type designs. I was introduced to "stained glass designs by a friend and that opened up a series of Hawaiian Tropical Stained Glass Flower patterns.


I have very special friends who do the "editing" of the instructions so that you receive the highest level of instructions I can produce. I say that with pride, as a former technical writer for IBM.  As a technical writer and quilter I find it frustrating when I pick up a pattern and have trouble following the directions and find that the cutting instructions are not clear, incorrect, or concise; trying techniques I've never tried before; finding mistakes such as missing steps; missing patterns pieces; confusing cutting and labeling instructions and of course typos!   Let's just say it isn't easy writing quilting patterns, you have to think like a beginner and one can not assume anything! Thank goodness for editors and quilting friends!


As if I'm not busy enough I teach at a quilt shop in the Southern California area, Shabby Rose Quilting Cottage, and Sewing Center in Yucaipa California. I do love to travel and teach. Two years ago I was invited to teach at a week-long retreat in Israel by the Israeli Quilt Guild. It was both an honor and privilege to do so. I had an amazing time and made lots of new friends. 


I welcome ideas and comments on what I can do to make my patterns easier to understand or if I need to add how to quilt or provide ideas for different layout designs, I am more than happy to help!  Please feel free to contact me with your request.  No request is too large or too small and  "No, I am not offended with anyone's suggestions."


I can proudly say that I worked with Quilt Passions on the Kailua-Kona side of the Big Island, in designing fabric unique to the Big Island of Hawaii. It is called the Big Island fabric. It is available only through select quilt shops on the Bid Island or you can order it "right here".  I recently met a wonderful woman who is now doing LASER CUT patterns. I send her my fabric and fusible web (Transweb) and she sends me back beautiful Laser cut patterns; Honu of Hawaii Volume 1, Volume 2, a large Heliconia, Nene (18"x18"), Honu (18"x18"), and the I'iwi (18"x18") are now available as "laser cut kits". 


Enjoy the adventure, my adventure as I design and create a series of southwest designs (using the turtle) and cactus flower patterns!


Piece through Quilting

Prairie Style Revisited Runner

Quilt Folk is an awesome "coffee table" type book/magazine.  If you get a chance try to purchase Issue 3, Hawaii. I was honored to be included in that issue!  Check it out today as it's all about Quilters on the Big Island, Hawai'i!

My favorite sewing machine is my Janome 9400. I also have a Huskylock 5 thread serger for garment making; a much loved 1946 Featherweight; and a new Janome 15000 Embroidery Machine Version 2!

Fabric Companies that I order all my fabric from.

My Studio

Here is a "partial picture" of my "personal" stash!  It's all neatly folded by types, batiks in one area, southwest in another, then reds, oriental, and so forth. I still have a few shelves that are not loaded. I keep "the Store" and fabric that I use for designing my patterns, fabric on the floor on bolts! So I have lots of fabric.  The grey that is hanging, is my "flannel wall" with a quilt to be appliqued soon.  In front of that is my "Millie", she is a new addition to my studio. Millie is a 12foot long Gammill with a 30" throat.  Love it.

My new home ~ Southern California Area

I am a member of four different quilt guilds in the area.  I have learned that there are over 103 different quilt guilds in the Southern California region.  I am also a member of the SAQA art quilt group and MQC (The Modern Quilting Club). I teach at Shabby Rose Quilting Cottage and Sewing Center in Yucaipa California.  Check out their web site:

to see a list of classes and which classes I am teaching. Hope to see you soon!


Thank you.


Tribal Manta Ray


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