Welcome to "The STORE"

I have completed reworking my shopping experience so that YOU, my customer, can locate things faster and easier.  The shopping cart is now connected directly to SQUARE so you will receive an invoice shortly after you "click" on payment. 

When I receive notification of your order I will "update" and correct the billing to reflect the pattern discount of 15%.  I am working on "adding" that discount to the checkout cart so that no-one has to "enter or resubmit" anything.  Think of it as a "hands-free" way of checking out.

Thank you for your patience and your continued support of Designs by Mary of Hawaii.  It's been over a year since I have issued any new designs, for this I apologize. My "mojo" recently returned and I am currently working on some new creative patterns.  A "shout-out" will be sent when the new items are ready for release.  I am going to add more fabric to the fabric section, as well, within a few weeks.  

Thank you again, be safe, be well.



Now, let's go shopping! The Store.


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