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The Nene ~The Big Island Collection

The Nene ~The Big Island Collection


The Hawaiian Goose is a distant relative of the Canadian Goose. It's feet are not as webbed, so it can walk on the lava easier. It is smaller and makes a "purring" sound.  They mate for life and when the young are born the parents loose all of their flight feathers until the babies are ready to fly.  This Nene is over looking the Halemaumau crater in Volcano's national park.

  • The Nene

    This pattern is available in two sizes. The 9 1/2" x 9 1/2" or 18" x 18" with a larger border. 

    It can be ordered as a "laser cut" kit. Call or email for details. 

    Suggested retail price of Laser Cut Kit is $75.00

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